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variation B
processing    january, 2004    j.tarbell
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200 x 200 pixels
22 stiching heads
500 x 500 pixels
64 stitching heads
800 x 800 pixels
128 stitching heads
A nice story of weaving computational textile with hundreds of thousands of stitch instances. Stitches appear as points of intense color surrounded orthogonally by lesser gradients of that same color (pixel thread). Each movement of the stitch head remains locked in a random, yet grid enforced pattern. A gradual horizontal shift to the entire surface closes the textile in a self-interlocking loop.
computational weaving process
0000 about 5000 individual stitches are laid down in the first 10 seconds of growth
computational weaving process
0001 Growth continues in a left to right fashion.
computational weaving process
0002 Once a complete stitch layer loops into itself, textile cohesion occurs.
computational weaving process
0003 A final computational texture laid down with 500,000 individual stitches

2000 Unfinished texture

Unfinished texture

2002 Unfinished texture
Stitches Variation B allows the stitch head to make larger vertical movements. This causes vertical striping although stripes are incomplete and seldom run the height of the surface.

1000 Unfinished texture
computational textile
1001 Unfinished texture

1002 Unfinished texture

1003 Unfinished texture

3000 Textile formation in heavy gravity
Every stitch also lays down slight shadow and highlight pixel values so that areas of extreme thread concentration gain a dimensional appearance. This is especially evident when the number of total stitches runs beyond one million, as in the image above.