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self-dividing line
flash mx   november, 2003   j.tarbell
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  350 x 350 pixels
2 self-dividing lines
11 recursive levels
  800 x 600 pixels
6 self-dividing lines
15 recursive levels
Intricate organic forms are generated using recursively subdividing lines. By randomly offsetting the midpoint of each subdivision, an irregular overlapping line construct is produced.

Construction of the image above was simple. Six lines, grouped in pairs, where arranged across the page. Classic coastline fractal detail then emerged through the natural subdividing process of each line.

Midpoint markers and shaded regions have been added to emphasize the history of the breaking process.
self-dividing line step 1

self-dividing line step 3
self-dividing line step 4
self-dividing line step 5
self-dividing line step 6
The key to the construction process is the definition of the subdividing line. In this example, the line is initially defined by two endpoints, a color, and a depth. The depth is used to keep the construct from becoming too complex.

With each step, the line instantiates two new lines connecting it's endpoints with some arbitrary midpoint. This process is repeated until the object becomes so complex that self-divisions are no longer distinguishable.
prints available