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flash mx   march, 2002   j.tarbell
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Moonlight Soyuz is a rendering of a human performance of the first movement of Beethoven's 14th symphony, the 'Moonlight Sonata'.

The note information from an actual human performance of the piece was recorded and translated into graphic shapes. Notes played have been symbolized by textured blocks. Notes are arranged with time passing across the horizontal axis, while pitch is indicated using a combination of texture, vertical spacing, and harmonic grouping. The movement has been sectioned into three measures to fit nicely on the page.

The middle of the song, and also incidentally the climax, is found in the center of the image. The final chords ushering the end of the 1st movement can be seen as the solid congruent block at the bottom right.

I found this particular rendering to resemble a Soyuz rocket from the Soviet Union's highly successful space program. The image pays homage to both our ability to reach space and the majestic influence the moon might have had on Beethoven during his time writing the piece.
prints available