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computational artifact
city traveler
variation A
processing    december, 2003   j.tarbell
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  500 x 500 pixels
22 cities
5000 travelers
1000 x 1000 pixels
22 cities
5000 travelers
The basic idea of the City Traveler is to create cities and allow travelers to move between them. Each traveler that makes the journey leaves behind exactly one pixel.

The images below are composed of 144 cities with 5000 travelers making a total of 2,500,000 million journeys.
computational artifact, austin
computational artifact, las cruces
computational artifact, new york
computational artifact, albuquerque
What is unusual about City Traveler is that the cities are allowed to move.

Cities move according to a simple set of attraction rules based on the locations of other cities and the travelers visiting from those cities.

Strange loops of attraction are often created. Feedback drives continual movement.
computational artifact, mexico city
computational artifact, madrid
computational artifact, london
computational artifact, sedona
1003 In this image there are only 25 cities.